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Murder With Peacocks By Donna Andrews

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I just finished my first mystery book by Donna Andrews titled Murder with Peacocks. It is one in a series of Meg Langslow Mysteries, and I did enjoy it. Murder with Peacocks was Donna Andrews' first novel and won an Agatha Award.

Meg Langslow is having a very busy summer. She is going to be in three weddings and is also arranging these weddings, and one of the brides is her mother. Trying to please three brides is not an easy task, as she soon finds out. To churn things up even more, a lady (new to the area) who is not the most liked person in the community, is found dead. This opens up an entirely new arena for Meg, as now she is also looking for a killer.

I found this book to be very entertaining. For a first attempt by Donna Andrews, the novel was very good and held my interest right up until the end. Meg also has a love interest in the story, which adds a nice touch.

I read this novel in paperback which cost about $6.50 (though I received it as a gift). It is about 296 pages in length. It was published in 1999. I would recommend Murder with Peacocks by Donna Andrews. I enjoyed it and intend to read the other novels in her Meg Langslow series.