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Murine Ear Wax Removal System

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Recently I started feeling like my ears were plugged-up, so to save myself the expense of a doctors visit, I decided to buy an over the counter product to alleviate the problem. I'm pretty sure there's some ear wax build-up going on, so I wasn't too worried about anything more serious. In the past, I've used plain ol' 3% hydrogen peroxide, and it did a good job of cleaning my ears. There's something about that crackling noise that makes you just know it's working!

This time I decided to try something more 'sophisticated'. I bought the Murine Ear Wax Removal System, (doesn't that sound sophisticated?), and couldn't wait to try it! The package contains a bottle of ear drops, and a soft bulb syringe. I decided it would be easier to clean one ear at a time, so as directed, I placed 4-5 drops of solution in my ear. Now I'm supposed to wait "several" minutes keeping my head tilted, or place cotton in my ear. I decided that the cotton would soak up all the solution, so I chose to keep my head tilted. The directions never tell you what's suppose to happen next! Was I going to hear something happening to the wax? When I straighten my head up, will the wax come flooding out of the canal? And what about that bulb syringe?

I waited "several" minutes and NOTHING happened!! (Other than a stiff neck!) The only thing I ended up with was a wet, plugged-up ear! If anything, my ear felt more plugged-up than before! Apparently, the syringe was to be used to, "flush the ear with warm water", and remove any remaining wax. (Remaining wax?! It's ALL remaining!) I think I'd be totally deaf if I tried adding anything more to my ears, so I skipped that step!

In my opinion, this product was a waste of money. I think I'll just go back to using hydrogen peroxide and a cotton swab!