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Musical Puzzles

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Kevin Roman By Kevin Roman on
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This game combines music with puzzles in a remake for the late game designer, Gunpei Yokoi (most popularly known for designing Metroid). The graphics are vibrant, the music is fun to listen to and the gameplay consists of connecting line segments horizontally while moving a cursor that moves vertically. These line segments sound like you're scratching a record as you move them, inspiring you to do this to a soundtrack, which is a nice feature. You can also chain them to do specials. However, there are a few problems with this game. Hard mode is too difficult; I played for over an hour and a half on the last person but still lost. It gets tiring to actually play against the computer for that long, and when you lose, it feels like a complete waste. Therefore, unlocking some things can be a chore if they need to be done on this difficulty level. It is also difficult to know how to unlock characters and other things.

The other problem with this game is that character balance can be an issue. One character, Hank, has a Rags to Riches special, which flips your opponent's screen upside down, bringing their bottom line segments to the top. This makes it nearly impossible to recover from because you lose once your line segments go above the top of the screen. There are generic moves that every character has based on the amount of line segments you connected, such as No Touch, that makes you use the d-pad instead of the touch screen to connect your line segments.

There are several modes for this game: Frontier (where 2 characters face off and puzzle battle), Time Attack, Stage Attack, and Endless. There is also slight music customization that lets you create 16 beats, but this isn't much because it only lasts for a couple of seconds and you cannot choose it for a level.

Although it has its flaws, Gunpey DS was an original experience that had a fantastic presentation. The sound inspires you to continue playing unless you play that impossible hard mode and the graphics are a site to see.