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My 1979 Vw Super Beetle

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My husband and I are avid classic car collectors, so we're always looking for a good deal on a vintage car. He knows which old cars are "hot" in the buying (and selling) market, and he has a knack for remembering the smallest detail about a car. (But he can't remember to take out the garbage!)

While he was at an auction, he placed a bid, and bought a 1979 VW Super Beetle. Admittedly, this is a "chick car", so I knew it was going to be mine! It's painted Robin's egg blue, with a black interior. Although the vinyl seats are in good condition, I've covered them with the Hawaiian-style seat covers that are so popular. The upper windshield has a sticker of a Plumeria flower, a gift from my Hawaiian cousin. The car conveys a laid-back lifestyle!

The best part of the car is the convertible top! 1979 was the last year in the US for the VW Super Beetle convertible. Putting the top down on the VW is easy! There are a couple of latches up in the front that release the top, then with a little muscle, it's folded down toward the back. From this point on, the fun begins! I absolutely LOVE feeling the wind in my hair as I fly down the road! There's nothing like drinking in the scenery from an open car, while enjoying the smell of the air! It's like riding a bike, only faster!! While I'm cruising, I often see children pointing at "Herbie", or see another driver waving from his classic VW, as if we belong to a secret club. There isn't a time I go out, that I don't have someone make a pleasant comment about my little Beetle. Mostly nostalgic comments, but one time I had a guy tell me my car was really "girlie"! That's okay, I AM a girlie-girl!

There are a few small negatives to owning this car. The gas mileage isn't as good as it should be, and it leaks some oil. (Typical for a '79 Beetle!) I carry a quart of oil in the trunk, which is in the front, where most engines would be located. The instrument panel has switches that seem backward to me. In other words, the "on" and "off" positions seem opposite of what I'm use to. My headlights have been left on more than once! (Another item in my trunk is a set of jumper cables!)

My VW drives and handles well on the road. Climbing hills can be a challenge though! I have to get a running start if it's a steep hill, because the car looses it's 'get-up-and-go' before I get to the top! Driving in the city can be difficult since it has a manual transmission, and it requires a lot of gear shifting.

I realize this is an old car, so I know there are certain issues I have to deal with. But the main thing is, I love dropping the top of my Volkswagen Super Beetle, and feeling the wind on my face! It's like being a kid on a favorite ride at the amusement park!