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My 1st Black Berry And I Love It!!!

Reviewing: T Mobile Black Berry Curve 890  |  Rating:
Jitendra Padhiar By Jitendra Padhiar on
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I had the opportunity to buy this phone a week before its official launch. I was excited that I could get my hands on a piece of equipment before it was available to the general public. I had high expectations for this product due to the entire United States of hype surrounding its release. I think the phone is already available in Europe and Canada since late last year. It is known as the Javelin outside the U.S.. Besides the 8900, which was also purchased the 8320. I think we can give a preliminary comparison of the two, although the 8320 is not used by me. It was given to someone else as a gift. But I played around with it for a bit. Before going into details, I must say that the quality of the phone call is good. But everything depends on your area of coverage with T-Mobile. Check your coverage :[...] here. It's been a month and I have not had a drop call yet. With Sprint / Nextel, drop calls were the norm.


1. Noticeably smaller and thinner than any of the current Blackberrys (BB). It is lighter than 8320 but I'm not a big difference

2. The screen is super sharp and detailed. It sports a 480x360 (4:3) screen. I think the BB Bold and iPhone is 480x320. Although the screen is much smaller than its competitors, its brilliant and very detailed. Includes a one-minute clip of video from a John Mayer concert to show their qualities screen.

3. The processor is significantly faster than the 8320. In 8320, you have to wait a second or two more for the phone only to navigate menus and numerous applications.

4. The numbers are highlighted in bright red and not black / white style found in other BBS. I believe that those who have not yet freed from AT & T 8900 will keyboard.

5. Great camera (see Elements for comments on video quality). It even has auto-focus. If you press the camera button halfway, you can see the camera focuses on the theme, like a point and shoot digital camera. The very bright LED flash is an added advantage. You can use it as a small flashlight, if necessary.

6. Has Wi-Fi and GPS. BMT 8320 only Wi-Fi.

7. Enhanced home screen and icons. The 8320 looks a little cartoonish. Of course, you can change the "theme" and icons. But most users do not bother or even know how.

8. It comes with maps of BB. It's pretty good. It is even better than my Garmin nuvi 660, because 660 is not to show the name of the street you are driving at when you're not in navigation mode.

9. Micro SDHC card is no longer under the battery as in 8320. So you can remove the card without having to remove the battery.


1. Too many browers. BB is a little confused as to the number of different Internet browsers installed on the drive. Has a different browser depending on which Internet service you are using. For example, if you're using EDGE normal Internet service, called Internet browser. If you want to use Wi-Fi, you have to switch to hotspot browser.

2. Despite BB and describes Amazonía 8900 is compatible with DivX and Xvid (video codecs), or a single file or Divx Xvid has worked in 8900. I think Research in Motion (RIM), which allows the earliest versions of the codecs to work, none of which is used by the public in recent days. Hopefully fix the RIM 8900 with future firmware updates.

3. The key change is less than the 8320. I do not know why they did it smaller. There are empty room on the keyboard to accommodate a couple of key changes.

4.Keys are not raised in 8320. The 8320 is a little easier to type.

5.Video recording is weak. You might think that since the phone has a great camera, it is better to take video images. It is not the case. The maximum resolution is 240x180. This is 240x180. That is absurd. At least have the video recording. The much-acclaimed iPhone no.

6.Wi-Fi browsing is not as fast as I want. It is still much slower than using a laptop over Wi-Fi. It probably has to do with the fact that the phone is a phone first, then laptop / camera / recorder seconds.

7.There 's no adjustment for the phone to vibrate and ring simultaneously. You can only switch between ring and vibrate. Very strange.

8. Battery life is below average compared with 8320 and other non-smartphones. This is due to the faster processor in 8320, more detailed and vivid display, and a multitude of applications running in the background. Many smart phones suffer from this battery issue. Remember to put the phone in standby mode, either by insertion into the sleeve provided OEM (a magnet on the cover activates the standby mode) or press the mute button for about 1 second). There is some speculation circulating in Internet based on the OEM supplied battery consumption when inserting 8900, although it is supposed to conserve the battery, initiating standby.

I will update this review as I am still learning the intricacies of this great new phone!