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My Bath Water Smells Like Pizza! Ew!

Reviewing: Lush Tea And Sympathy Bath Bomb  |  Rating:
By mellaview on
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I buy Lush bath bombs all of the time, and the moment I saw that they were selling a bath bomb called Tea and Sympathy, I wanted to try it as soon as possible.

Sadly though, there is no Lush stores nearby, so I dont get the opportunity to smell things before I buy them. I have to take a gamble every time when it comes to Lush. I figured though it would be a tea scent, and I'd love it, because I've always love tea scented bathing products.

Tea and Sympathy came with a very small circular shaped tea bag on the side. Inside it had tea herbs, and they smelled pretty decent, but a little too herbal for my liking. I figured though once I got the tea bag and the big bath bomb into the tub, it would smell like a tea soaking paradise.

No such luck.

Tea and Sympathy fizzed away so fast, that it actually created these nasty toxic slimy looking bubbles at the surface of my bath water. It reminded me of baot scum that washes up on shores at the beach.

To top that off the scent was also pretty disgusting. There was nothing tea like about this smell. It smelled more like pizza seasoning. It was not a rancid scent, but pizza seasoning was not what I wanted to be smelling...or bathing in.

Tea and Sympathy unlike other bath bombs- didnt leave my bath water silky either.

All in all the bath bomb was a wasteful one. It has been the worst bath bomb I have ever purchased from Lush before.

Lush has discontinued this scent for now, and brings it back every so often. I recommend you skip out on it when it is brought back.