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My Beautiful Aqua Skillet

Reviewing: Kuhn Rikon 12" Non Stick Skillet  |  Rating:
sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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Recently I went through all my cookware and got rid of everything that was rusty, not being used, or had the non-stick coating scratched off. I threw out a couple of frying pans that I needed to replace. While I was in TJ Maxx one evening, I noticed that they had some brightly colored frying pans that caught my eye. I mean who says that cookware has to be silver or beige? I found a 12" Aqua skillet, and it was love at first sight! It has a soft grip handle, and a non-stick coating (which is a must for me.) Not only does it keep the food from sticking to the pan, but it also ensures an easy cleanup. However, I don't like to continue using non-stick cookware once the coating starts to come off. I feel that it can't be healthy. So I am trying to replace the pans more often. This skillet has an aluminum core which enables it to heat evenly. It is suggested that a low to medium heat setting be used to prevent burning the food. Only nylon, plastic, or wooden cooking utensils should be used, as metal will scratch the non-stick surface.

The skillet is dishwasher safe, but more than likely I will just wash it by hand most of the time, as I feel it will last longer that way. All that is needed is hot, soapy water.

Much to my surprise (and delight) the skillet has a 2 year warranty. It covers defects in the material as well as workmanship.

While all these things are great, my favorite part about my new skillet is the aqua color. It just makes me feel good when I use it!