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My Beautiful Wedding Ring From Kay's

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My husband and I renewed our vows on our 20th wedding anniversary. We decided to purchase new wedding rings to commerate our special day. We went to Kay Jewelers in our local mall to pick out new rings. I looked and looked but didn't find exactly the wedding band set I wanted. I had an idea of the style but when I tried on different ones I wasn't completely thrilled with them.

The manager's name was John. He said he had an idea. I told him what I was looking for, a ring that looked like a flower. He said he would do some investigating and call me with the results. Bless his heart, he brought in several different ring sets for me to try on. They just weren't the one. One day he called me and said to hurry in because he found it! Guess what! Yes this was what I was looking for!

The middle of the ring is the engagement ring. It definitely looks like a flower! There are two bands that surround the engagement ring. They fit perfectly, lining up to make an explosion of diamonds. They really sparkle!

We had some discount coupons from Kay's so this purchase saved us about $2000 off retail prices. I also purchased their insurance for each band. I have to take it in every 6 months to be inspected and cleaned. If it needs to be repaired or I should lose a diamond out of the set, it's all replaced free! I actually have taken advantage of this insurance one time. We were on vacation in Hawaii and I woke up one morning and looked at my ring. One of the diamonds along the outside was missing. I looked high and low and everywhere in between, but I couldn't find the diamond. I had just had my rings inspected at Kay's before we left. I actually called them long distance and explained what happened. They said it was fine and I was covered 100%. As soon as I returned back home I took the ring in. The diamond was replaced and it looked good as new. It's definitely worth it to buy insurance for such a large purchase!

If you don't find the exact ring style you want in the showcases, ask for the manager and tell him what you would like to have. They can work miracles!