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My Betta Loves Hikari Betta Bio Gold Food

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Hikari Betta Bio-Gold Specialist's Fish Food is designed for Betta splendens. When I purchased my male betta Blueboy, this brand was recommended by the pet shop owner. My betta loves it!

This color enhancing diet provides 100% of the nutrients needed to keep bettas healthy. The pellets are designed to float on top of the water, where they are easily accessible. The pellets don't cloud the water, which helps to reduce problems with water quality.

Betta Bio-Gold is available in a see-through blister pack {2 grams} designed to dispense food easily. The pellets travel down a narrow channel to the outside edge of the package. Just tapping lightly on the package releases the amount of pellets needed. The recommended serving is 2-4 pellets about 2 or 3 times daily, depending on the size of the betta. With the see-through packaging, it's easy to see how much food is left, so I know when to purchase more.

Betta splendens are very picky eaters and don't like changes in their diet. Recently, I purchased Aqua Culture betta food, another color enhancing fish food. The container was much larger and less expensive than Hikari Betta Bio-Gold. While it seemed like a great deal for me, my betta didn't like the change. The pellets would sink to the bottom of the fish tank and as you know, bettas are not bottom feeders. Needless to say, I returned to feeding my betta Hikari Betta Bio-Gold regularly. Occasionally, I add a few freeze dried bloodworms as a treat.

Although, there are many betta foods available on the market, I believe Hikari Betta Bio-Gold is one of the best available. It meets the nutritional needs of my Betta splendens and keeps him healthy, happy and content.