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My Bovano Original Briefcase

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Becky Knouff By Becky Knouff on
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We purchase products for a particular reason or purpose. If the product fills that purpose, then we can say the product was a good one.

The Bovano Original Briefcase I purchased back in 2000 on eBay, has served me very well. It has been my dependable companion on many job interviews, meetings, and other important business functions where I do not need or want a lot of bulk to weight me down.

When I began looking into freelance writing as an occupation, I discovered, this briefcase would serve that purpose very well. It didn't need to be large in capacity, but needed to carry my writing portfolio, copies of my resumes, and maybe just a few other essentials. I didn't want to be weighted down when going on interviews, meetings with publishers, or meetings with other potential freelance writing clients. Why carry more then you need?

It was pure luck that I was able to find such a quality brand new briefcase on eBay. It was obvious when I got it, that it had never been used.


* This briefcase carries the Bovano name, and it is made of genuine leather.

* It is a stylish woman's briefcase. It offers a professional look while appealing to a woman's sense of style.

* It has a comfortable shoulder strap which has a non-slip leather attachment. This attachment functions to make the strap more comfortable, as well.

* It has two slightly expandable inner compartments, a small zippered compartment inside, and another zippered compartment on the back, outside the briefcase for easy access items.

* It is durable. This briefcase has lasted 8 years and still looks great with no rips or tears.

* It has a secure magnetic closure. While being easy to open and close, it does not fly open even after 8 years of use.

Had I purchased it directly from Bovano, a drawback would have been the price. Like with all Bovano Briefcases, the price is rather high. If I had not gotten the bargain I got by purchasing it on eBay, I would probably have settled for something with far less quality. Being a Bovano Original, it was a steal at the price of 25 dollars.

Some would consider it a drawback that it has no lock or any real type of security. Considering its weight, its purpose, and how close I keep it to me when using it, I did not see this as a major drawback. I provide my own security.

Any professional woman wanting or needing to carry laptops and other bulky items, which require more space, will not want this briefcase. Those who need something light weight or to carry only paperwork and other simple items would find it more then adequate.

I do not know for sure if Bovano still carries this type of briefcase. If not, you can always find great bargains eBay.

If this is the type of briefcase you are looking for and need, I would highly recommend it.