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My Chase Bank Account Offers Peace Of Mind

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Becky Knouff By Becky Knouff on
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I have had my Chase Free Checking Account for about 3 years now. I was reluctant to get this account in the beginning because of all the negative stuff I had heard about this bank.

After some time, I felt pretty good about having this account. It offered the services I needed.

The problem with all banks is guarding against insufficient funds chagres. Chase is no better at that, but as long as I am careful, I seem to avoid fees.

Basic Features of My Chase Free Checking Account

* Free checking with no fees for sign up, direct deposit, or maintenance.

* First box of 200 checks are free.

* There is no minimum balance needed to keep account open.

* You get a Visa ATM card for anytime ATM access, online purchases, or to use at stores instead of checks.

* They offer online access to your account 24 hours a day to check account activity.

* A 24 hour 800 number is provided to customers to help with problems or issues they may have after banking hours.

Insufficient Funds Charge a Big Drawback

The main drawback and complaint most people have with most banks is in the fees for insufficient funds. Chase is no different. There is a 25 dollar charge for every day your bank is overdrawn.

The few times that a fee was charged to my checking account, I was able to get it refunded to my account. This was because they allow one time a year for waiving the fee. A couple other times was when money was taken from my account for things which I knew nothing about. Chase has made up for these fees by helping me save my account and money when there was an illegal invasion into my account information.

Chase Saves the Day

Let me say this, never assume that your account is safe. Regardless of how careful your seem to be with your information and your account, the sophisticated criminals have ways of getting into your account.

I had been careful; took all the warnings to heart about shredding papers with my information on it; watched not to use this information on line or in ways that would put me at risk; and I used all the protections available through the online services I used. (If no protection was available, then I just did not use the service.)

Somehow my account information got into the hands of someone who tried to take several hundred dollars from my account using Western Union. They had set up a Western Union account in my name using my information and tried to get this money directly from my account.

I was notified immediately by Chase customer service, and they blocked the transaction. They called the police, reported the episode to an online fraud unit, and even contacted Western Union. When Western Union called me, we were able to block any future transactions. My checking account was closed and reopened to avoid further illegal attempts to get my information.

I hate to think what would have happened if Chase had not done what they did. This could have went on until I was bankrupt or worse.

Later, an Internet Pirate was nabbed as being someone who was doing this to a lot of people. They found that he was using very sophisticated equipment and procedures to gain the information he had on various accounts. They were certain he was the one who tried to rob my account. He was arrested.

Chase may not be the perfect bank, but it certainly has earned my respect. I will use no other bank for my day to day stuff. I have another account for online stuff, and it is secure as well.

I have learned to protect myself more, and I am grateful to Chase for the peace of mind I now have because of their efforts.