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My Cordless Phone

Reviewing: V Tech Cordless Phone 5.8 G Hz  |  Rating:
poshpost By poshpost on
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I got my Vtech cordless phone for very cheap. It costs only $12 and I was really happy with my find. I knew that it works well because that is also the unit of our pastor and it has a very wide range. It is black in color, which I really like because it just matches with many of my stuff.

Anyway, the ringtone is quite loud, so I can hear it even when I am in the other room. And despite several rooms apart from the base, I can still use it quite well. Sometimes though the one I am talking to would have to ask me to repeat what I said. I think the mic pick up is quite poor. So I just have to put my mouth near the mouthpiece. That is okay.

One problem occured last time. I forgot where I place my cordless phone and so it was not charged for like a month. When I found it and had it charged on the base, it did not charge. The problem was the battery. It seemed that if it is not used for some time, the battery will fail to charge. So I had to buy a replacement battery that costs 1/3 of the original price of the phone. Poor me. But it was really my fault and not the phone's.

I don't have call waiting and an answering machine, so this phone just works fine if mobility is just the problem. At least I can take and make calls around the house while doing something else.