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My Craftsman Mower Mulches My Weeds

Reviewing: Craftsman 6.5, 21 Inch, B&S Engine, Mower  |  Rating:
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We purchased this Craftsman 6.5 hp mower because it had a Briggs and Stratton engine. Briggs and Stratton are one of the best when it comes to engine manufacturing. In addition to getting a mower with a great engine we got a mulcher, bagger, and dis-charger (option).

The Craftsman mower package we happened to get came with a bag and mulch blade. You can purchase the side dis-charger as an option.

We have never used the bag. However, it is easy to install and seems roomy enough. Mulching your grass, and redistributing it back into the yard, is really best for the nutritional benefits. And, the mulch aids the soil in water retention.

I bet you're wondering about my title here. We purchased this mower when we were city dwellers. We had a nice small lush green lawn with not one weed. Now we live in the county and our yard is nothing but weeds mixed with some hill country Johnson grass.

We can only use our mower in certian sections of our yard where rocks have been excavated. In those sections the grass is, well, it's weeds. So we mulch those weeds with our Craftsman mower. Some of these weeds are like tree stumps when they sprout. We mow those down without hassle.

I have to give this Craftsman mower credit. We really give it a work out and it takes it in stride. The mower always starts on the second pull when it's cold, the first after that. It is equipped with an easy start pull, so the weakest of arms can pull and start this mower. It has a kill bar, so if you pass out in the heat mowing, the mower will stop running automatically.

If you're like us and have limited storage, you can save space with this Craftsman mower. Its handle folds and allows the mower to be stowed under the work bench, tucked away neatly in a storage unit, or to sit nicely in a corner of the garage.

I gave our Craftsman mower a 3.5 for noise because it is a mower and mowers make noise. This one isn't too bad compared to those I've heard.

All in all, I love this Craftsman mower. I just wish it had high boy wheels in the back--we heard those wheels make hill country mowing easier for going over rocks. I can't fault the mower for that though. This mower really performs well, starts every time, and mulches my weeds up good.