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My Current Napkin Brand

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I know I have raved about Modess Thins. But since I got married, I sort of went on a cost-cutting move, so one of the things that I cut cost on is my sanitary pads. After all, I don't get quite often because I have polycystic ovaries, which means I seldom ovulate, and with that, I don't have regular periods.

So I scouted around for possible alternatives that are cheaper. And I found Sisters Slim With Wings. The format is similar with Modess thins, however, it is a little thicker. It is like in between Modess Thins and Modess Maxi Pads. But it is still fine with me.

At present, I sometimes have moderate menstrual flow and this rather cheap napkin can cope with my needs. And most of all it is affordable. I have no qualms using it. It only costs about 1/3 of Modess Thins per pack with the same number of pieces inside.

It has "silk floss cottony top sheet" according to the label. I don't really know what that is, but so far, I don't get irritated down there, even after wearing the pad all day (during those days when I only get trickles.

So far so good. And they also have promos, like buy a pack and you get one or two pieces free. Not bad, not bad at all.