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My Cute Pink Camera

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I love my little pink Samsung digital camera!

I have a full size digital camera but it was giving me some trouble. I decided to shop for a new camera but didn't want to have to spend alot of money. I just needed something that was slim that was easily slipped into my pocket or purse.

I found this cute pink camera at Kmart. It is called the Samsung L100. I looked at several models of cameras but this one was the only one I saw at their store that had a rechargeable Li-ion battery included. The others all had AA batteries. It was a big deciding factor for me because I don't want to have to keep buying batteries. The battery has lasted me 2 hours before I had to recharge it.

The Li-ion battery recharges while inside the camera. It comes with a cord that attaches to the right side of the camera. The cover that hides the port is attached by a couple of flexible bands. I expect those to eventually break off. They are very flimsy. It is a bit of a struggle to get the cord plugged in there because the port cover is in the way. You have to stretch it way over to get the plug in. That's why I think it's eventually going to break off. The battery charges within two hours. It has a red light while it is charging and it turns green when it is finished.

The camera has many modes, including an automatic mode in case you don't want to be bothered with setting up a picture. Just point and shoot! I also like the movie mode. It has a great mic that picks up every little sound. This camera will also detect low lighting and warn you before you snap a picture. This has been very helpful because you don't want to lose any precious pictures.

There are a couple of features of this camera that are really great. It detects faces and sets the correct focus on the face rather than the backround of the picture to be taken. No more blurry faces! The other feature I like is the camera shake warning. If you are shaking the camera when you try to take the picture, a little waving hand comes up on the screen. This is helpful so you can steady the camera before you take the picture.

My camera came with a quick user guide of only 12 small pages. This is just some basic camera information. If you want detailed information you have to download their cd-rom into your computer. I think this is a bad idea. Not everyone has a computer!

My camera has 8.2 mega pixels, a color screen size of 2.5" and has a zoom of 6.2. It's not alot of zoom but it's perfect for an everyday camera. It comes with an AV cable, camera strap and a AC adapter. Make note that this camera does not come with a memory card. You will need to pick one of those up when you buy the camera.

My new camera is lightweight and portable. It was a perfect match for my needs and best of all...... it was pink!