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My Daughter Is Seeing Red! W580i Red

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I've been nursing along my poor Rim Blackberry but the other day I lost signal and figured it was time to buck up and just buy my youngest daughter another cell phone so that I could then 'steal' her current one. Keeping my daughter in cell phones has become a bit of a challenge lately. The phone she had originally just plain wore out from all the texting she does. The Razr she had after that met with an untimely death when it was dropped (by me) into water. I can't seem to get people to forget about that little episode either for some reason.

After the untimely demise I decided to order my daughter a new one...a Nokia which unknown to me at the time, had screen issues. Had I truly thought that one through I would have taken the necessary time to do what I usually do, research it thoroughly, but no. Thinking back on it now, it did take over 8 weeks and three phone calls to actually get the Company to order it in the first place, that should have been a sign of bad things to come. After paying $420 for it, when it finally did arrive it lived all of 2 months before the pixels on the screen began sending the screen south entirely. It was then that I actually figured I might be wise to research the phone and all I can say is if I knew then what I know now!

For the past several months, she's been using her older sister's phone and her older sister, in her generosity has been using a phone that she purchased while living in another city. Her sister ended up losing that phone a few weeks ago so wanted her originally one back again. That opened the door for my youngest to go shopping, something that takes very little encouragement to do. Due to the fiasco I'd made with the last purchase I decided that her oldest brother would be far better to take phone shopping than I. Every week or so he's online browsing through the newest of the new and he's usually pretty good at getting relatively awesome deals.

What she came home with was the Sony-Ericsson W580i, in red. She admits that it wasn't the first choice she'd made at the store but according to her, the salesman wouldn't allow her to buy the phone she really wanted. What phone was that? Why the Nokia ... the very one that had died only 2 months after getting it. Wise man that salesperson.

The little red number that she got is actually quite nice looking...very slim fitting and light weight in the hand, a large screen display and more nifty little bells and whistles than she will probably ever use more than once. I'm thinking that as soon as she grows tired of it and providing it doesn't fall apart soon, it might be just the kind of phone that will actually be perfect for me.

It comes with a number of nifty features that I could use right now including a Pedometer...indeed! A phone that keeps track of how many steps you take in a day! It will also keep track of how you are doing when it comes to fitness training and even monitors your running speed and performance! While you're stepping, running or doing whatever it is that keeps you fit...you can listen to all your favorite music that you just transferred from your computer using the USB cable that comes with it or the latest tunes you just downloaded from iTunes or another online tune store. If you get bored with the song that's playing, there's no need to stop what your doing to fiddle with buttons, tracks or screens, simply one touch and shake...your music is literally shuffled for you to the next track or several tracks ahead if you really want to shake things up.

Looking really hot in the newest outfit or see a really hot other person? Well then just snap a couple of pictures of yourself or your newest favorite eye candy for your Facebook profile with the 2mg pix camera or capture some video with the 4x zoom, shoot and record options. Then just use the internet browser to upload your latest pics directly to your profile page or surf sites, Instant message, shop, download games, music and more.

Perhaps you like lights with your music...sit in the dark, watch the light show as the strobe light feature goes in time to the music your listening to or heck, use it as your light on your bike at night! Does it get any better than this! Well, actually yes. If you're tired of using the key pad to punch out the numbers for those phone calls you make, just program them in by voice so that when you tell your phone to 'Phone Home' ... it does!

This phone is no dummy when it comes to playing 'Name that Tune' either. Equipped with TrackID(tm) any snippet of a song from the built in FM radio or via loud speakers from any source can be recorded and entered into the GraceNote's online recognition program and within seconds you'll know not only the name of the song but who sings it and even what Album you can find that particular track on. Particularly useful for those times when you're walking by the local music store and they have a great song playing but you can't get the attention of the salesperson to tell you who it is...stick the phone as close as you can to the source of the music and let GraceNote's tell you within seconds so that you can walk into the store, ask for the album by name or look for it yourself. How useful!'

Just as useful is the feature called Push Mail, set up your email address to 'push' your new messages from your email provider right onto your phone, never miss another email message again.

With other features such as In Flight programming, multimedia messaging, video messaging, several embedded games and a dozen embedded polyphonic ring tones to choose from ... or download others, your phone will do just about everything you ask it to including wake you up, balance your check book, keep you organized, keep track of dates and more and will even remain in synch with information on your PC which makes for a useful PIM tool as well!

The one cautionary that I would give with this phone is that the keypad on previous models had a tendency to give out. Hopefully that won't be the case with this one but given that my daughter does a good deal of texting, for the price, I won't be too concerned if it does happen. We are told however that repair or replacement of the phone if such should occur is an immediate one.

For $79.99 with a $50.00 mail in rebate, this 'everything' phone cost us a lowly $29.99! Oh, and it even includes a 1G memory card! I think I'd be safe to say that this phone was a true steal of a deal.

Update On Jan 31, 2009: Jan 31/09: We've had this phone for months now and (touch wood) it's still working perfectly. The reception is excellent, no dead space or dropped calls and a feature I didn't know existed on it is ultra handy! It is equipped with a GPS tracking system and acts as a GPS directional system - used it a few weeks ago to get my daughter to an appointment - worked flawlessly and tracked where the car was, how many feet/yds to turn, length of trip and more. It's GPS actually works better than the Blackberry Bold's does. Still a great little phone in my view.