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My Dell Inspiron 1420 Review

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Keyboard and touchpad:

Inspiron 1420 using the full-size keyboard design, and a dedicated Home, End, Page up and Page down keys. The whole keyboard full advantage of the body in space, distance and screen is also very appropriate, very high intensity of percussion, even if there is no hard feeling of subsidence deformation. Trip button and flexibility are very good, hard and soft feel when typing moderate voice is very small. Touch screen in accordance with the proportion of board design, surface磨沙minor is not only to ensure that the feel of comfort and to avoid making sticky fingerprints. Vertical and horizontal scroll bar is obviously marked, and the sensitivity and accuracy are very good. Both hard and soft hand mouse button and itinerary are very close to the real mouse, and the voice button is very small. Keyboard with built-in speakers above the middle of a few dedicated multimedia buttons, you can conveniently control the DVD burner and audio / video player. These buttons are all pretty with blue LED backlight, in accordance with the backlight will automatically shut down when a few seconds.

Port distribution:

Inspiron 1420 is equipped with external ports of the fuselage is very rich, the majority of the market 15-inch models equipped with only three USB ports, while the 14.1-inch Inspiron 1420 is equipped with four USB ports. In front of the fuselage including the LED status lights, multi-card reader, wireless switch, headphone jack and microphone jack. Fuselage behind the modem ports, battery and Ethernet port. Fuselage at the bottom of the demolition can be seen easily upgrade the memory channel, a number of cooling holes and the battery lock pin. It is safe to approach the left side of the fuselage, DC power jack, heat-hole, Firewire port, two USB ports and ExpressCard slot. The right side of the fuselage is a DVD burner, S-video video output ports, two USB ports and VGA video output port. Battery capacity:

Inspiron 1420 is a standard 6-cell lithium-ion battery, when the screen brightness set to half of the wireless feature turned on, Vista system, power management set to power-saving mode, the implementation of day-to-day tasks using only lasted two hours three minutes. Use the same settings, 9-cell lithium-ion batteries can last three hours use of 51 minutes. Upgrade to 9-cell lithium-ion batteries need to pay 200 yuan, if the other buy a spare 9-cell lithium-ion batteries need to pay 780 yuan.

Heat and noise:

Although equipped with a frequency of 2.2GHz is the Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 processor, but the Inspiron 1420 and the operating temperature is very low noise. Even if high-load condition in the system, and only very slightly closer to the fuselage in order to hear the sound of the cooling fan rotation. Running fever mainly concentrated in the memory and hard disk location of the left hand care, especially in the implementation of the high heat load of the benchmark tests are obvious.