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My Experience With My Pny Attache

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Jacob Pavone By Jacob Pavone on
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While browsing my local Wal-Mart one day I was looking for a cheap flash drive, and one from PNY caught my eye.

The PNY Attache offers just about everything you'd expect of a flash drive in the price range of ten to fifteen dollars. Plug it into your USB port and voila, portable storage. It's small enough to hang on my keychain and the two gigabytes is enough for whatever I need, mostly schoolwork.

It comes with a cap that pops off the tip to expose the USB plug. Once removing the cap it can be put on the other end- the keychain end. So if you have it on your keychain like I do, you can't make use of that neat little feature. Because of this I lost my cap, which is a bit of drawback.

That little bit did show me a bit about this flash drive's impressive durability- while on my keychain that was wrapped around my belt loop, it went through all of the following- tip exposed: sledding, runnning, fighting off a dog, working on my car, getting kicked into a muddy river, standing near the microwave, etc. About the only thing it hasn't gone through is the washing machine. And it still works reliably every time.

That does it for this product's functionality, so that leaves the appearance of the product.

It's the average flash drive size- about the size of one's thumb, just a bit thinner. It's primarily black, but the trim colors are optional. The range I saw was orange, purple, red and green. It's got very clean, professional look and my only gripe is the L.E.D. inside that blinks when you plug it in. No matter what color you choose, the LED is always green. Trust me, green LED inside clear orange is ugly.

Overall it's an incredibly satisfying product that I'm proud to own.