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My Experience With Vonage Vo Ip

Reviewing: Vontage Vo Ip Service Using A Motorola Phone Router  |  Rating:
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After doing battle and fighting with AT&T, we closed our service and tried Vontage VoIP phone service. Time Warner had not yet gotten their digital phone service set up in our area, and we needed a phone. Vontage offered unlimited local and long distance at a reasonable price. It sure sounded like a great deal.

Features of The Motorola VT2442 Phone Router Which Vontage Supplied

* It allows you to hook up multiple phone lines using up to two is allowed using this router.

* It is easy to install and takes up very little space.

* It is a very simple router to use, install, and operate.

* Jacks on the back of the router are color coded to make it easier to install the router.

The yellow jack is for your computer; the blue jack is for your Ethernet cable which plugs into your DSL or cable modem; and the light green jack is for your phone line. You can hook up to two lines into this router. Make sure your other phone service is disconnected before installing your router.

* Easy to follow instructions come with the router with all necessary cables and wires. You may ask Vontage to send someone to install the router if your wish. My hubby had no problems hooking it up.

Features of the Vontage Phone Service

* Reasonably priced with a one year contract for your first year. After the one contract is over, it is month to month, and the price does not increase. This is the best feature of this phone service.

* Local numbers are available, but only if Vontage has any available for your area.

* Relatively reasonable service from customer service which offers help 24 hours a day.

* The service is relatively stable, but does have some issues at times and needs to be reset.

* You have to have a high speed internet connection for it too work.

* Clarity of calls depends on your location.

Problems We Had

(1) Vontage was dishonest. They never considered our location at all. They should never have let us purchase this service because they did not have adequate availability for our location.

We would not have been upset if they would have told us they did not have adequate service for our location, but they never said that until there were problems. By then we were already locked into a one year contract. Plus, they had no local numbers for our service. We had to take a long distance number for Marrietta, Ohio which is about two hours away from us.

(2) Static was often a problem which was mainly due to our location. We have the same problem with cell phones in our area. Vontage kept telling us it was our phone which we purchased brand new. Since, we no longer have Vontage, we have had no static problems.

(3) Customer service, while it is convenient, is not very helpful. We were often left to figure things out for ourselves.

Overall this service was not all that great. It was adequate. Meaning, we could make and receive calls, but even people in our own town had to call us long distance. This made things quite difficult.

If you are considering using Vontage VoIP, take the time to find out about the availability of the service in your area. Even if it is available, make sure to find out about local number availability. Don't let their need to sell encourage you to get a service which may not work well because of your location.

Call them first and ask a ton of questions before you sign up for the service.