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My Favorite Pen

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laurel1 By laurel1 on
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This is the best pen I have ever used or owned, and now the only one I write with. I'm not sure in what way the Dr. Grip Limited differs from the "original" Dr. Grip pen, but this pen is incredibly comfortable.

I have multiple chronic illnesses that cause a lot of joint and muscle pain, and both my hands are often stiff and sore. Writing with a pen had become increasingly painful and difficult -- until I found this pen. I was a little skeptical, but at under $10 I didn't think it was too much of an investment. It is also a great pen for signing checks, because the ink can't be erased, so I thought if nothing else, I'd use it for that.

When I tried this pen, I wasn't sure what to think. It didn't feel all that great to me. But then I realized I was holding it too close to the tip; I needed to move my grip back to the soft clear rubbery area. (Yes, i was practically holding it by the tip; that's how I've always written!) I've had to re-train my hand in how to hold a pen, but holding it correctly on the special "grip" area, it has made writing by hand a pleasure again.

My only complaint is that the ink doesn't last very long (although I do write a lot; I do all first drafts by pen -- hey, it worked for Jane Austen!). The refills are the Pilot G-2 refills, and they are often on sale at Staples, where I bought the pen. It's $2.99 for two refills when they're not on sale, but I watch for sales and stock up then. The refills are very easy to get into the pen; it doesn't take an engineer to do it.

If you're looking for a comfortable pen that will last you a long time (if you buy refills), then the Pilot Dr. Grip Ltd, the original Dr. Grip, may be just the pen for you.