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My Favourite Mascara

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By lili-bunny on
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If I had to choose one kind of make-up for the rest of my life, I´d pick mascara in a heartbeat. Maybe it´s because I´m cursed with short lashes, maybe it´s because....Ok, it is because I have short lashes!

I´m one of those girls that have 10 different kinds of mascara, 15 different eyeshadows of the same color and so on. I love experimenting, and even if I think I found the perfect mascara/ eyeshadow/ bronzer etc I keep looking, that´s probably why I have two drawers full of brand new make-up.

Anyway, I´ve been experimenting different brands and kinds of mascara ever since I was 12 so I have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn´t. So far I´ve tested from cheap $2 drugstore mascara to fancy $30 french ooh-la-la mascara and still I can´t live without Maybelline´s Lash Stylist.

What I like about it is that it doesn´t have one of those regular round-ish like brushes, but instead it´s a mini comb, so the lashes don´t clump and I feel like I don´t need as many coats to have that full-lash effect. But I think it´s really a matter of taste, because my sister for instance doesn´t like it, she thinks it makes her lashes look too overdone. But I absolutely love it, and wear it on my upper and bottom lashes for that doll eye look. I only use waterproof mascara, and Lash Stylist comes in both versions, but the waterproof one is a bit harder to remove so make sure you use a good make up remover that is more "oily", cuz you don´t want to end up pulling too many lashe sin the process right? ;)


* comes in 3 different shades: brownish black, soft black and very black.

* the brush is a mini combr so it doesn´t clump the lashes.


* as the brush is a mini comb, it´s harder to take off excess mascara from the brush, so if you like a really natural effect this might not be the best choice for you.

* there are a ton of cool looking mascaras out there, with pink brushes, cool packing etc..Lash Stylist is not one of them. It´s all black and really simple.