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My Feminine Wash

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After I have shared my woes with Lactacyd, now I am going to share with you the product that I have used for several years now. pH Care is also a feminine wash that was introduced only several years. It is made by United Laboratories, a trusted medicine manufacturer.

pH Care is supposed to maintain the pH balance in the most sensitive area of the woman as well as keep it fresh and smelling good. Well the smell good part, well I guess, after awhile and some pees, the smell will just change. But I like it because after wash, you really feel so fresh. And it has eliminated the itch that I usually feel. It is not the kind of itch where there is a medical condition, but sometimes when the weather is hot and I get sweaty in private areas, I also get itchy down there. But with pH care, this was eliminated

Another good thing about pH Care, and I don't exactly recommend this because I might not know the effects on you, is that whenever I feel itchiness, like on my scalp or some areas on my skin, I also use pH Care to wash these itchy areas. After a wash or two, the itchiness will be gone. That is why I really like it.

Moreover, it only takes a drop or two for a single wash. So a big bottle lasts about 6-7 months for me, with washing on the average of 2x a day (coz sometimes it is 3x when the ocassion arises). So I get to save on my feminine wash. Not only do I feel fresh but my pocket as well.

pH Care comes in different scents but I still like the original one.