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My First Angel Figurine Collection

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When money is tight and there isn’t much available to spend, you need to find a way to find those beautiful items you cherish. Even on a very limited budget, you can often find some beautiful treasures in the most unlikely places.

Back when I was raising my children, our resources were very limited. I could not afford to shop at the best gift shops or stores. I always had to look for items which were within my limited budget.

I have always been one who likes pretty figurines and none are more beautiful to me then angels. I began my angel collection with only twenty dollars. I found four of the most beautiful angels I had ever seen up too that point at the most unlikely place, Dollar General Store.

Features of These Beautiful Angels

* These angels were sold individually, but I purchased them together and made them into a set since they are all similar in design.

* Each ceramic angel is crafted of sturdy and durable material. Oh, if you drop them, they will break. They are not so fragile that a mere bumping will damage them. I have owned these angels for many years, and they still look great with no chips, cracks, or breaks.

* They are set on a wooden base which is attached to bottom of each of the four angels.

* The colors of the four dresses are orange, pink, yellow, and powder pink. All the colors on these angels do not fade, peal, flake, or rub off.

* These angels are done in great detail making these angels look very realistic.

* They were very reasonably priced.

Possible Drawback

The only drawback to these beautiful angels would be for those wanting something more expensive and finely detailed. Those who are looking for brand name figurines or those made by top artists and designers will want to look some where else besides the Dollar General Store. These angels would not be valued at the high values of the more finely detailed pieces done by top designers or artists, but this is not a problem for me. To me, these angels are perfect keepsakes.


The angels in this collection are very old so finding these exact angels would be rather difficult, but many other styles of angels are available. If you do not find any angels or ones you like at your local Dollar General Store, I would recommend looking at eBay. Once at the eBay site, just type angels into the search bar and see what you will get. You will find a large selection of beautiful angels ranging in many different styles, sizes, and at many different prices.

Those wishing to start a collection of ceramic figurines of any type would be wise to look first at their local Dollar General store. This is a great store. If money is very limited, this is the perfect place to look. You never know what treasures you may find there.

Even now, I still find things at the Dollar General store which amaze me. If I do choose something of a better quality, I go to eBay. EBay was not available to me when I purchased these angels. At that time we did not even own a computer. Since, I do, now, have a computer and eBay is available to me, I do purchase some great items there.

Closing Thoughts

I love those special items which reflect my own personality, and the things I enjoy, These angels are the keepsakes which form collections to last a life time.