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My First Love Sony Ericsson P900

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msculit By msculit on
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Ever since I have used Sony Ericsson mobile phones, I have become a believer of the product because Sony Ericsson does deliver! I have this Sony Ericsson mobile phone/PDA going 5 years now. It's my birthday gift to myself when some thugs flicked my Sony Ericsson P800 from me while I was using it. I was forced to buy the next model few months when it came out.

I do not regret having this costly phone because the performance is really good! It's durability has been tested many times already when it fell on the concrete floor a couple of times and it came out in one piece! Everything is still functioning and I have not yet changed any parts of the phone, even the battery! Now that's what you call a long-life.

It operates using Symbian OS (or something) and has camera and MP3 function as well. It can be used as recorder, music player, video recorder, memo recorder, organizer, browser and phone, all in one! My daughter even uses it as a doodle pad. It is a Tri-band phone with GPRS function. I often use it to check my mails when I am on the go. It can be connected to the pc for sync functions, has MMS capabilities, Bluetooth, infrared, SMS. That time, they still have not develop the 3G function so it only has one camera.

Although it's performance is more than enough for me, I find the camera a bit fair compared to the other phones which came out the same time it has.

I love this phone but I have to put it to rest (or minimum use from now on) because my daughter broke the side already and I'm afraid to ruin it further. It has served me well and I will forever love this phone!

Update On Feb 15, 2010: Well, it remains to hold the title of "my first love" in terms of mobile phones. I decided to keep it safe from further breakage early last year and bought Samsung. I was not satisfied with Samsung's performance so I bought HTC Vivo (of Viva... I really cannot recall). So, to make the long story short, I ended up using my ever reliable P900 Sony Ericsson. I just cannot let go of this mobile phone.

I think the new, "smarter" phones scare me. I am really behind in terms of using high-tech phones. I prefer to use the simpler ones because I only use the phone for making calls and no other reason.

My Sony Ericsson P900 is turning 7 years old very soon and guess what, it still works just fine! I and my P900 will share more years of calling and texting, mark my word on that.