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Reviewing: Ps2 Final Fantasy 12  |  Rating:
By John Redwood on
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I thoroughly enjoyed FF12. There is fabulous game play - you aren't stuck in one place, you can run around or away from your target. It isn't a game you could finish in 3 - 6 hours. I spent various lengths to finish off the game( right now I am trying to get my main character to the 100th level before finishing it ). This is a game I cold play over & over.. The story line is great, I enjoy the twists and turns of the plot line, as well as just wandering around and killing monsters for hours, just to level up my characters.

The graphics to the cinematics are awesome ( as far as PS2 games go ). When I first played the game I was blown away from the detail of the graphics of the beginning cinematics, so I knew this was going to be a good game. I thought the licence point system for learning abilities and item, weapon and armour were cool. This also left open for thet other characters to learn the abilities of the other characters - no more being limited to certain jobs. Each character can learn absolutely anything another has. It's cool. Also, the gambit feature is awesome, for you can make your character do automatic actions. No more hitting the action button. What's more, you can also allocate certain responses for flying creaatures, or undead, or with hp>1000 or