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My First Review... Delta In The No Fuel Age

Reviewing: Delta Airlines Domestic Flight, Round Trip  |  Rating:
By steff13 on
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Most of us know that the current energy crisis is hitting the airline industry pretty hard. I figured if any company could withold standards, though, it would be Delta. How utterly wrong I was...

I didn't check a bag because I didn't want to deal with the possibility of lost luggage. My carry on was pretty big but it was well within the requirements listed on Delta's site. It wasn't a problem getting into the overhead storage on the initial flight, but on the second half of my journey (after a layover), the overhead bins were much smaller. Many people had to hand off their carry-on's to delta people to get them put in the belly of the plane. I managed (with great effort) to sneak by the attendents taking people's "too-big" bags and stuff mine under the seat in front of me. Many people were ticked off at having their bags taken. It kind of defeated the purpose of having a "carry-on."

On my return flight, a storm in Atlanta delayed flights all over the nation for hours. Now that wasn't Delta's fault, but it was handled quite poorly. Our gate kept changing, as well as those for practically every other flight. Everyone was running around in confusion. The employees seemed just as frazzled and unable to help. My flight had been delayed for a few hours before our plane arrived. The customer service lady at our gate then announced that we were waiting for our crew. Well an hour later they had not arrived. She told us they were at the airport and on their way. Another hour passed... I was waiting near her desk to catch any information about what was really going on. Other people came up and asked questions, but she refused to be specific and even told one person "I don't feel like answering questions!"

So eventually, the crew showed up. We boarded the plane hours after I was supposed to be home. Then we all started to notice the plane was burning up. I turned on the vents above my seat but nothing came out. The pilot then announced that the air conditioner used when the plane is not in flight was broken. Okay big deal... Now let's get going...

No. We had to have maintenance fix that. That took another half an hour. Then, they discovered that a back up guage was broken (whatever that is). So they had to "go get a new one." Another half an hour went by. After that, and a ten minute wait for our turn on the runway, we finally took off.

The pilot was very nice and seemed sympathetic to us, but we were beyond consolation. On top of everything, there was not snack of beverage service throughout the whole thing.

Bottom line: Delta is way too pricey to be so lacking in its basic service.