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My Fps Domination Tool!!

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akenchi samanosuke By akenchi samanosuke on
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Hi there, today I'm going to introduce you to my noble steed in gaming, that is my cheap yet lovely Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse. But I'd rather not called it a mouse, he doesn't deserve that. He served me more as more than just a mouse. In fact he is the reason for me to smile everytime I play Half-Life Deathmatch with my friends from the network. Last game, I got 450 frags and I was ranked at the top. I believe it was not my skill alone that got me to that level of ownage, but it was because of this mouse that drives my madness towards total domination!!

The cursor is precise, the sensitivity is just right, and the connection between my palm and the sexy body of this black mouse is just orgasmic! Yeah~~ I don't know what will the guy with popeye's hand will say, but for my hand, the size of the mouse just fit right in. As if I don't need to clench my fist to grab the mouse, but the mouse itself adhere to my palm. There's a good chemistry between these two. Judging by its look, one will say this mouse is too big and ugly, but when he or she get a touch of its body, he definitely couldn't resist the sexy comfortness of my mouse.

Talking about precision, this mouse is no-match for other mouse, be it Razer's mouse or Copperback. I think this mouse should get its own name such as 'Precise Baby' or 'Headshooter'.. Cause its true!! I remembered once when I played half life. I jumped using a boost boots and then turning 180 to the back and got a headshot using a charged laser gun, and then I turned to the front, and got another killing shot. I don't know whether I'm good or what, but somehow I feel my deftness has reached its limit, its this mouse's precision that made my surpass that limit!

For gamers who're having problem in fps, and don't have a penny to buy Razer's or Copperback's, go for this basic mouse. Although it may look timid and weak, but actually its a killing machine! For 400 rubles, I don't think I could find a better killing tool than this baby...