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My Genesis Eyeglasses Rock

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alice By alice on
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Of all the eyeglasses I have purchased and worn over the years I think these are my favorite. I went in for my yearly eye check last March and knew I would be needing a new prescription and I wanted new frames even though I loved the ones I had.

After my appointment I went to check out the racks and racks of eyeglass frames. I always have a hard time choosing and wanted a second opinion that I trust. I picked out 2 or 3 frames that I liked and then came back with my daughter the next day, She has a unique ability to find things that I would never even think of looking at and knew she would give me the honest butt ugly truth on what would look good on me.

I ended up getting the Altair Genesis Model 2017 eyeglass frames (of course, not one I picked). They are metal half rim frames with 2-tone bronze sides. I had always worn full rim glasses so this was a whole new look which I really liked. They are adult unisex frames and they are very sleek and youthful looking.

The nose pads are adjustable and the sides have a spring hinge. They are the most comfortable frames and the first that don't sit on my cheek bone no matter how hard I try to scrunch my cheeks up. The eye prescription I have is a bit on the thicker side as I have bifocals but the frames look great with them.

I would recommend this line of glass frames if you're in the market for new eyeglasses. The price for the frames alone are very affordable and one I will look for again.