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My Girl Friend Loves To Clean

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By ancp on
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chore - girl, available at the dollar store, cost is one dollar, and they come in a package of four.

I'm a man who loves to cook, but i hate the clean up.

I can cook a nice meal and end up dirtying every pot in the house while i'm at it.

But like everyone else i just want to have the clean up over and done with quickly.

This is not always possible though with baked on foods that need to soak or take a lot of scrubbing to remove.

I've tried various cleaning products over the years and have found none that are as good as my chore - girl.

I've used steel wool pads and they work to a point but they still struggle with the really tough baked on food.

The plastic scouring pads, well they are a joke they don't clean worth a darn.

Some cleaning products have worked, but they tend to be costly, and usually i still had to let the bakeware and pots soak.

I go to the local dollar store and buy a package of four chore-girls for one dollar.

These little wonders can clean off the toughest baked on food, and bring my bakeware and pots to looking like new every time.

I do have to supply the soap, wich is a very minimal cost compared to the time and effort i save. At the end of the kitchen cleaning i can turn out the light with no pots soaking and a spotless kitchen.

These kitchen helpers are great for counter tops, stoves fridges, everywhere you might need to scrub. and hey if you have any junior kitchen helpers in your house, well these could make a great stocking stuffer ( laughs).

I find a package of four chore- girls will last me about a month, and that's pretty cheap living if you ask me.

My girl friend will always be the one with the tight copper colored locks, and the best thing is my wife approves too, lol.

One of the best products i have ever tried and for the price you really can't go wrong. If you don't have some in your kitchen already forget spending that dollar on junk strrrrretch it with a package of chore - gurls today.