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My Gizmo Loves Her Primavera With Veggies!

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Mia Blaisdell By Mia Blaisdell on
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This is one food that one of my cats absolutely loves! Ever since Gizmo tried the Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys Primavera she has been hooked. She loves vegetables and this variety has both garden vegetables (tomatoes, carrots) and greens (spinach). The Primavera variety comes in 4 selections:* Tender Turkey

* Wild Salmon

*White Meat Chicken

* Yellowfin Tuna

(all flavors are in a classic sauce)

When the stores might be out of the Primavera selections, she will eat the other variety of Elegant Medleys, and that is the Shredded Fare. This particular kind of Elegant Medleys has all the same 4 choices (turkey, wild salmon, white meat chicken, and yellowfin tuna) only in shredded form, in savory broth, and with the garden greens (spinach) only.

The only ones I have tried giving her that she will not eat, which is:

* Tuscany - Which has the same 4 flavors, is like the shredded, with garden greens (spinach) only, but has long grain rice added in a savory sauce.

* Florentine - Which has same 4 flavors, garden greens (spinach), to me seems a little chunkier than the shredded, and has a delicate sauce which is creamier than the "Shredded Fare" and "Tusacany", and "Primavera".

* Souffle - A whipped and fluffy type version, which comes in only 3 choices with only 2 flavors:

White Meat Chicken and Cheddar Cheese with gardens greens (spinach)

White Meat Chicken and Egg with garden greens (spinach)

Wild Salmon and Egg with garden greens (spinach)

I think though the reason is she doesn't like some them because of what is added or the textures. But, as you can see, there is a wide selection to choose from in the Elegant Medleys menu, so it'll give your cat many choices. Hopefully your cat won't be as finicky as my Gizmo! lol