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My Golden Piggy Bank

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I received this piggy bank as a birthday gift from my brother around eight or nine years ago. He knew exactly that I collected piggy stuffs at that time. This piggy bank is golden-colored, and I’m pretty sure that it’s made in China. I can tell that from the Chinese writing located at the left and right side of it. We’re Chinese descendants but honestly, I don’t know what the Chinese writing means (I guess it would be ‘Luck’ or ‘Prosperous’ or ‘Wealthy’, but I should ask my mother for that). It’s ironic that we can’t write or read our ancestors’ writings (I can read and write only a few writings.. lol..), but that’s the fact we should deal with. The Chinese writing is embossed with red color ink, clear and outstanding. The slot where we put the coin into is located at the top, and there’s something like a black rubber at the bottom of it (just at the center of its four legs) which functions like a locker, or lid, to remove the coins out. When I was hanging around a Chinese festival, I noticed that there were many exactly like this, came with various sizes (I guess mine belongs to the large size). I have stored many coins in this piggy bank I think, that I occasionally open the rubber locker just to peek how much I got.. lol.. And I’m glad that I won’t have to break it just to grab the coins because other piggy banks may not come with the lid/locker. I love this piggy bank and don’t have a heart if I had to break it. Thank God I won’t have to do that!