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My Great Laptop.

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This is my new laptop, I buy 2 months ago and now I want to share the information about my laptop to you all. I hope you enjoy it.

There are some changes in this new macbook, major changes in the laptop is, among others, with the graphics card memory more quickly, wrap aluminum, and glass screen for the entire MacBook series (except for the white MacBook entry-level), and introduction "trackpads" a multi -touch as a substitute for the conventional mouse.

No doubt turn to the Nvidia graphics chipset has the ability to improve a series of computer graphics MacBook. Picture becomes more clear and sharp, and motion pictures became a little blur, so ideal for video games. The facts indicate if Apple improve its position as a platform game that success, Apple has created the chip into the machine that is ideally suited for processing images with fast processors and video game with intensity.

The process of assembly of the new MacBook using a sheet of aluminum as packet, not only to create more robust laptop and solid - is also expected to eliminate the complaint due to the keyboard, especially on damaged products end MacBook - but it also gives the form of a slim, more similar to the rows of elegant design MacBook Air.

Changes in speed as the processor, hard drive may be greater after the use. No changes were identified in addition to direct - the mouse-pad-touch latest.

This section is made of glass, not plastic, and not the mouse button down on the keybord made products such as MacBook earlier. Instead you stay the entire trackpad to select an item or to perform commands.

Apple is also multi-touch technology to bring the iPod into legend mouse, the trackpad, which means understanding the movement of the user finger. Four fingers to move up or down on the mouse and all the applications that are opened will quickly open and close the screen, moves from the right side and left to select the program from the taskbar open, turn the finger to rotate the image, satukan two fingers, press and wide just to zoom in and out documents, files, and images.

But can not be avoided, look and feel of the new MacBook may be spelled slightly disappointing. Some people complained about the omission Firewire 400 port, which is used a lot of people connect an external hard drive, because the level of data movement rather than the USB port.

While some complain that if the other new display glass turns out only in the touch up, not vice versa, which can cause problems for those who work outside the room - because the sun can bounce around the screen. Specialist graphics and film post-production was also much like the effect of realism that is presented screen mat (not shiny).

More honest, more of Apple are functional rather than spectacular, the reason for the need of innovation