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My Guidebook In Child Rearing

Reviewing: Dr. Penny Stanway New Guide To Pregnancy And Baby Care  |  Rating:
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When I got pregnant, a friend lent me this book. The complete title is actually New Guide to Pregnancy and Baby Care from Conception to Age Five. True enough this book is full of information that I need. I didn't really consult on it during the early parts of my pregnancy. But I did when I was on my eighth month for tips on labor, what to bring to the hospital, etc. I also read in advance what the baby's needs were on the first month.

Then when we got out I would continue reading for information that covers a baby's certain period in life. This is what I do, I would consult the book for the baby's upcoming stage, like what foods to eat, what toys to give, what safe activities we can engage in.

I also like how the book is written. It is not in first person point of view. But it seems like the author was speaking to me directly. It is like a journal of sorts, not a technical book. Take for instance this excerpt:

"what he will enjoy: toys he can throw

why he needs them: to encourage him to move by himself. To learn that once out of reach, a toy cannot come back by itself, but needs to be fetched (a game he will love to play wit you, getting YOU to do all the work at first."

I just find their writing style funny but very useful.

I have one problem about the book. I wish they also added the technical side, like the exact time to give foods, the measurements, etc. The details are presented more like a story and so the book does not really have technical information. For that, I check the net.

But this is a good book, especially for first-time mothers.