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The HP PSC 1315 is 3 in one printer is put on by Hewlett-Packard. The main function of this device is to print, scan and copy. The detailed information of will be discussed later. The printer has been with me for the past three years. The review is for the guidance of the people who want to buy new printers of today's technology. I have been using this printer for about three years... so I could give you an in depth analysis of this printer.


The HP PSC 1315 printer accepts Letter, A4 and long (8, 1/2 x 13), and borderless 4x6 printouts. It uses HP 27 black ink and HP 28 colored ink. The printer can also use large volume cartridge ink which is HP 56 (black) and 57 (Colored). For more stunning photos you can use HP 58 photo cartridge. There are combo packs when buying an ink so you could save by buying those than you buy it individually.There are different types of printing modes the printer can support: Draft, Fast Normal, Normal, Best and Maximum DPI (Dots per Inches). One secret of this printer is you could attached a CISS or Continuous Ink Supply System and you would not worry about the head being clogged because the printer head is attached to the ink cartridge. So just buy another ink cartridge and you're good to go.

Printing Media Support

The printer can support many printing media from Plain Paper to HP white and premium paper to ordinary gloss and matte special paper to HP branded photo quality papers. One of my favorite media that HP can print is Parchment Paper for certificates because the ink dries quickly and does not smudge on the media. Just be very careful in buying some special papers especially 4x6 printers because it could get jammed in the printer. The printer cannot accept very thin or thick papers.


The printer has a very good scanning quality around one thousand six hundred (1600) dpi. It can scan up to A4 Size paper. The printer can scan documents or pictures fast. I don't really like the software hp used for scanning but I really like that I supports windows image acquisition, in which windows will be the one who will get the data from the scanner. It is a good point of the scanner because I don't really wanted to scan fast enough and will not hassle me unlike other brands.


The printer has a copy function in which you just put in the document and have it directly photocopied without computer intervention. You could set the number of copies and just choose if you have it copied black or colored. But I do suggest that you will use the colored even if the document you want to be duplicated is black to conserve the black ink. The printer can duplicate the documents fast around fifteen (15) seconds on a text document. Also you can duplicate photos using the copy and the quality is just as good as the original.

Other Features

One of the unique pictures of this printer is that I supports Pict-Bridge. Pict bridge is a technology in which a device has a universal serial bus (USB) connector directly connected to the printer. In which you could print pictures or documents without using PC. The printer can communicate with digital cameras or mobile phones that have PICTBRIDGE support. It's really a good feature of this printer because sometimes it takes too long to print using the printer or if you're in a hurry to open up your pc. I have tested the pictbridge feature of the printer using Nokia N73 and Sony Ericsson K800i mobile phones. The result was astonishing. I could print on different media sizes and there is no hassle in hooking up the devices.

I also like the head alignment function of the printer because it would just print patterns and scan and viola it's aligned. Very simple and effective.

Printer Drawbacks

Every device has it's Achilles heels. There is no such thing as perfect device. In which I will discuss to you here.

One of the problems that I encounter is that when you are printing in Fast Draft mode. The print is faster by using less ink but it will strain the mechanical parts of the printer and sometimes it just keep spitting out the papers and could jam. I was afraid about the time I have printed using draft mode for around 50 copies that the head just bang on the sides.. I was afraid that I just pulled the power cord to make it stop.

Another problem that I encounter is that you cannot feed printing media that is thick especially for some third party media papers. It would just jam on the paper or the printer will not accept it.. It's very true especially for those 4x6 third party media. When you feed the paper it will get misaligned.

Overall Impression

I bought the printer because it was a trade in promo. I was not very sure of using the printer because of many bad feedbacks that I always encounter and I'm a fanboy of another brand. However, this printer has impressed me a lot even though it might not be the best out there but still, HP PSC printer brands are one of the best home and office printers have functions that are useful and effective for you. So the next time you want to have new printer. Don't just think about the brand but the features and the quality of the equipment that you are buying. Thank you very much.