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My Kids Arrange Their Own Toys In This Organizer

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By sweetmom on
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Buying toys is a difficult task but arranging them in order after the kids play with them is more difficult task. Sesame Street 9 Bin Toy Organizer is making my work of arranging the toys more simple and infact my kids are arranging the toys by themselves. I bought this organizer at wal-mart which is the only store I trust most and from where I buy lot of household and kids' products. This organizer too didn't disappoint me as usual.

My kids are absolute monsters while playing. They don't play with one toy for long. They keep changing the toys every few minutes. Since they are twins, they often tend to do what other does and this gives me head ache everyday. When they finish playing, if anyone sees the sight they will just squeal by watching so untidily scattered toys. I bought them all sort of toys and even then their hunger for toys didn't reduce. So I buy them toys very often and the room is slowly becoming less spacious. First I used to keep the toys in shelf in a neat arrangement but it was became full before I bought the new 9 bin toy organizer.

It is a very nice toy organizer and it has spacious bins to keep more toys. The whole organizer is very colorful and goes well with my kids' room's walls. It is very flamboyant in look with different colors of bins. There are nine bins in total in three rows as in the picture. The bins are very well designed and they vary in sizes from top row to bottom row.

The bins are large in the top row and the size decreases with each row and this helps in arranging big toys and small toys in the specific bins. The bins are removable ones and can be easily cleaned with a sponge when necessary. It came in 44$ which is really a reasonable price. The bins are made of very strong fibre and they are very strong and are very nicely designed with perfect finishing.

I bought this mainly because I was becoming tired of arranging the toys again and again inorder and because this organizer makes the work simple. After buying this one, I taught them to organize their toys (ofcourse with little help from me) and they slowly learned to do the work by their own. Because of the funny colorful prints on it, they are more interested in arranging the toys.