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My Kitchen Didn't Burn Down!

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A while ago, my insurance agent (homeowner's) suggested that I buy a fire extinguisher to keep handy in my kitchen. He said it would lower my premium if I did. On that advice, I promptly went out to buy one. Little did I know, I would have occasion to use the fire extinguisher in due time.

The fire extinguisher I purchased was Kidde, and it is for use on fires involving, wood, paper, and textiles; flammable liquids; and electrical equipment. In all of my years as a homeowner, I've never owned a fire extinguisher. Mostly, I bought it to lower my insurance rate, and to appease my agent.

"Did someone yell, "FIRE"? One day I was making some hot-wings... you know, the chicken wings that are loaded with grease and hot sauce? So I was baking then at a high temperature, trying to get then to brown, but it wasn't happening fast enough to suit me. I decided to place the pan under my broiler to crisp them up a bit before I took them out. HAVE MERCY! The pan, wings, and all that grease started to flame up and out of control! HURRY! GET THE FIRE EXTIGUISHER! (The fire extinguisher I never owned for all those years before!) I grabbed it out from under my sink, pulled the safety pin out and pulled the trigger! POOF! Out went the flames! (Oh thank God!) The fire was out, and my chicken wings were coated with powdery residue, but I didn't care! I was so freaked out that I was shaking!

When I finally calmed down, I had a small mess to clean up, but not near the mess it could have been if I hadn't had the Kidde Fire Extinguisher. What I didn't realize, (not being an extinguisher expert), is that you can only use the fire extinguisher one time only. It comes with a gauge that indicates when it's full or empty, but honestly, I never paid attention to it after I used it. I just put it back under my sink! The other day I was reading an article about how to recycle these used cylinders, so I pulled mine out to check it. Sure enough, all these months since the fire, I've been storing an empty extinguisher under my sink! Know the first thing I did today? Went out and purchased another Kidde Fire Extinguisher!!