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My Long Distance Plan With Time Warner

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Many people have had problems with the Time Warner Company. I do not wish to minimize these issues or say they are not valid, but I love this company. They handle my cable, internet, and now, my phone.

You just have to know all the problems we had with AT&T Long Distance to understand why I prefer Time Warner. (A review of AT&T Long Distance is Available in my list of reviews.)

When they came out with their digital phone in our area, I was eager to get it. The main attraction to this service is their Unlimited Long Distance Plan.

It has been stated by many people that no Unlimited Long Distance Plan is really unlimited. This may be true, but I have never been charged for any long distance calls individually with Time Warner like I was with AT&T. If Time Warner has an unspoken or unpublished cap, it must be pretty high.

What I Like About Time Warner Long Distance Service and The Company

(Long distance service is included in Time Warner's Digital Phone Service which offers a local number for your area if the service is available in that area.)

* The phone service is clear with no static. In the area which I live, we can hardly find any services to work properly. Cell phones and satellite dishes do not work in this small town in rural Ohio. When a service is offered with no static, we celebrate.

* I have called to many places thoughout the US and talked for a very long time with no problems at all. I have never been hit with any extra charges. Believe me, I would know because I pay real close attention to my bill.

* Customer service has been great. Every time I have ever called Time Warner Customer Service, I have had my problems or concerns handled properly. (With the Long Distance Plan, I have never had any problems. Billing questions and payments are usually why I call.)

* Billing problems are always handled with courtesy from the Billing Department. They have no problem refunding money or crediting my bill for mistakes which were not my fault. (These problems have occured with other services, and they always made it right. I trust they will do the same with the Long Distance Service.)

* With Time Warner Unlimited Long Distance, I feel content that my service will last, remain stable, and problems will be handled quickly.

* Time Warner is quick to install all necessary equipment. The router is of a high quality which is made by Motorola. (Refer to the pictures of the Motorola Digital Phone Router which makes the unlimited long distance plan possible.)

The Motorola Router has lights on the front which tells you when the service is working properly; it has the necessary pugins on the back for all the cables and wires which are included with the router; it does not interfer with our other equipment; (Keeping things, like internet and phone routers, spaced properly and using them in different rooms, helps to minimize interferance.) and it is dependable and reliable.

* There is no need to purchase extra equipment except the phone. Time Warner provides all you need and installs it.

* It offers unlimited calling to all areas of the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

* The Unlimited Long Distance Plan is included with Time Warner Digital Phone Service. No separate plan is needed.

Let me say this; I have used Time Warner Services for many years without problems. If a repair is needed on a service, they are right there to fix it. This is the reason for my choosing their Digital Phone Service with Unlimited Long Distance. I trusted them for the other services and trusting them with my phone service was a natural thing to do. I have not been disappointed.

The main drawback is that the of price which will probably increase after two years. (We have a two year contract.) Having a limited time for the current price could become a problem in the future. However, the great service which Time Warner provides me will make it worth the increase in price. Just to avoid the aggravation I have experienced with other companies makes me willing to pay any price for this service. (Note: If you tell Time Warner that you will leave them and go to AT&T because of the increase in price; they will usually cut you another deal. With a deal or without a deal, I will stay with Time Warner.)

I would recommend this service to others, but would advise that you do some research to see how it works in your particular area and to check availability.

Check the following link to see if Time Warner Digital Phone with Unlimited Local and Long Distance is available in your area, Time Warner Digital Phone Availability.