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My Lovely Apple I Phone 4

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Finally, I got myself an Apple iPhone 4. I signed up for the plan of my local service operator (DiGi). The iPhone plan I signed up for is 2 years contract with a minimum payment of RM58.00 per month (USD$20.00+/-) with upfront payment of RM2090.00 (USD$700+/-). Personally, I feel that it is a right plan for me because iPhone 4 would be a great mobile phone for me to use for years to come.

My personal view on the Apple iPhone 4:

I find that I really like the user interface of the iOS 4. As compared to my previous mobile phone, Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, I find that the iOS 4 of Apple iPhone 4 is impressively stable and it is impressively responsive. Furthermore, there are a lot of applications available for the iOS 4. I downloaded a lot of applications such as finance, news, references, games and more. All the applications make my Apple iPhone 4 very powerful and very useful for my day to day lifestyle.

The retinal display on the Apple iPhone 4 is very good. If we look at the display without wearing glasses, the icons become 3D. The resolution of the retinal display is indeed very good. Watching videos and reading on the Apple iPhone 4 is n enjoyable experience due to the good display.

From the point of connectivity, the Apple iPhone 4 provides me with good connectivity. I can use the 3G, WiFi as well as data line to go online wherever I go. I am always connected to my socializing applications when I’m on the move. The negative feature of iPhone 4 is that the Bluetooth cannot send photos, music as well as videos.

Camera on my Apple iPhone 4 is pretty impressive during the day time but it is not performing as good at night because it only comes with a single LED flash light. Overall, I will rate 8 out of 10 for the 5 megapixel camera of the iPhone 4. As for the front camera, it is giving good quality images. The front camera gives me a great experience when I am using the FaceTime function of the iPhone 4. The FaceTime function is very unique and it is quite fun to make phone calls using FaceTime because we can see the person we are calling.

The battery life of the iPhone 4 is just averagely good. The battery life will run flat very fast if I always use it to play games, WiFi and using 3G. So, whenever I am not using the data line, I would switch off my 3G and WiFi function to reduce battery consumption. For normal usage such as making phone calls, using 3G to go online and using WiFi, then I would have to charge my Apple iPhone 4 once a day. If I am using my iPhone 4 to play games, then I would have to charge my iPhone 4 two times a day.

Personally, I find that the headset of iPhone 4 is quite good. The sound quality produced by the headset is far better as compared to Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. I would give 8 out of 10 for the sound quality of the headset.

From what I have mentioned above, there are some pros and cons of iPhone 4 but overall, it is truly an amazing mobile phone. I would recommend this Apple iPhone 4 to all Apple fans as well as those who like to play around with applications and stay connected to social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Apple iPhone 4 rocks!