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My Miracle Pill Xanax

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Lindsey Starks By Lindsey Starks on
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I have a life again! After having my son in july of 2007, My anxiety sky rocketed beyond belief!

I couldn't even handle his father holding him at times. I've had anxiety for what seems like my whole life.I droped out of school in 6th grade because I couldn't handle being around so many people. For years now the docs have put me on everythingfrom lexapro to abilify, they wanted me on valume but I said "No I have a child to take care of", so I went to a new doc and he had me try xanax, first it was .25mg and then he bumped me up to 0.5 twice a day as needed. So far so good I can go shopping without feeling like I'm gonna pass out and I have confidence! I can go to an in terview and not stumble over my words or sweat half-to-death, I am calm and collected I have never felt like this, like a "normal" person some one who's mind isn't cosumed by unrealistic fears. I do not always agree with medicating, some things are better overcome with personal therepy (mind over matter, meditation). But in this case I would say the meds where needed, I am very pleased with the results of this mdication and the lack of side effects!