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I like using mouthwash after brushing and flossing my teeth because then my mouth feels so fresh. But I don't like other brands because of the sting. Then I saw on TV the 12-hour protection that is being claimed by Colgate Plax. And so I bought a bottle and I use it every night.

After using the product, my mouth feels so clean and fresh. And my breath is not as bad smelling when I wake up in the morning as before I used Plax. This is, I believe, because of the anti-bacterial/microbial action it performs on my mouth. It kills the bacteria that is in my mouth that causes bad breath and tooth decay. And so my teeth are protected.

I always believe in the prevention of things rather than cure to promote health and well being. And so for me, instead of going to the dentist to get my teeth done because of damages, I would rather protect my teeth. I have a good working toothpaste with fluoride, then I floss my teeth regularly, and I use Colgate Plax to reach the areas that were not covered by toothpaste and floss.

So far, this system has worked well for me. I really like Colgate Plax. It gives me fresh breath and the protection from tooth decay and tartar that I need.