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My New Coffee Maker

Reviewing: Delonghi 12 Cup Coffee Maker  |  Rating:
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I have had a Mr. Coffee maker in my kitchen for longer than I can remember. It was starting to disappoint me so I thought a new coffee maker for Christmas would be a great idea. My daughter and son in law got this DeLonghi for me this year. I was pretty excited to see all the bells and whistles that come with this machine!

First of all after plugging it in you need to set the clock. This is important if you plan on using the auto start brew feature. After you set the clock then you will need to run clear water through the coffee maker without coffee for two cycles. This will clear out any dust that might have accumulated during packing. If you are looking for the lid that flips up on the top of the machine.......you won't find it! This DeLonghi model has a very cool feature. It's called "Patented Complete Frontal Access". Basically you pull the handle on the front of the machine out, it has a funnel shaped opening where the water goes in. You don't even have to move the coffee maker out from under your cabinet to fill it. This is such a good idea! Fill up your glass decanter with water and pour into the opening on the door. You can check the water level on the right side of the coffee maker to make sure you have the correct amount you need for brewing your coffee.

Next take the gold filter and fill it with ground coffee. It's best to level the coffee so that it is even in the filter. Close the frontal door. If you look at the bottom where the panel display is you will see that on the right side there is a button that says AROMA. This causes the water to be slowly released into the gold filter basket. This will release the best flavor from your coffee. All you have to do is push the AROMA button before you start brewing. A red light will appear after you push it so you can see that you did it correctly. You need to push it one more time to turn off the feature after you finish brewing the coffee. Next push the button that says ON/OFF activating the red button to turn on and start brewing.

This machine has an auto start feature too. I wasn't sure about this so I tried it when I was sitting at my computer desk during the day. I set the timer and followed the directions. It started on time and everything worked just as promised.

I love that my new coffee machine has a two hour auto shut off. This will save me from being stressed and running home to check and see if I turned off my coffee machine!

I hope I have convinced you on getting a DeLonghi. Okay great! Time for coffee!