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My New Fashion Reading Glasses

Reviewing: Foster Grant Fashion Reading Glasses +1.25  |  Rating:
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I never would have believed I would be wearing a pair of "cheater" glasses as my family refers to the reading glasses you can pick up virtually anywhere from the dollar store to you local supermarket or drugstore.

After having cataract surgery and having my lenses replaced, I now have 20/20 vision in both eyes. I used to be able to read the tiniest print without a prescription but now it seems I've lost my close up vision but have gained so much being able to see everything and not have to wear my glasses that I have worn most of my life.

We shopped around for the reading glasses and tested what strength would work best for me. I only needed the weakest version of +1.25, but they do go all the way up to +4.00 in .25 increments. I ended up at Wallgreens and found these Foster Grant Fashion Reading Glasses. They ranged in price from $9.99 to $27.99 each.

I found 2 very nice pair for $14.99 and they just started a special of buy one, get one free so that was even better. I could have a pair for home and one to keep in my desk at work.

These reading glasses looked so much like my prescription glasses it was uncanny. I was very pleased with the feel and fit, and they looked as if I had ordered them.

I chose a pair in blue. The top part and nose rim is a nice shade of blue and the blue sides have a little mosaic design. The bottom of the glasses are rimless. The other pair I chose is a light copper color and these have the rims around the entire lens and on the sides. They are very comfortable and no one would ever know they are only reading glasses.

I just need these to read the menu's when eating out or the many instructions on the back of bottles and boxes of groceries. If anyone needs a pair of these, please check these out at Wallgreen's, their selection is outstanding and the prices are very reasonable, plus they look fantastic!