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My New Roomba, Makes We Want To Rumba With Joy

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crazycol By crazycol on
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What can I say, I Love, Love, Love my new Roomba. I was talking to my son last week, and he told me he had purchased a Roomba vacuum from a store near us called New Uses. He told me he loved it and I told him I had always wanted one. The next day I received a brand new I-Robot Roomba for my birthday from my hubby, and my eldest son and daughter-in-law.

This is a 5th generation model and I am thrilled with the fact that I no longer have to vacuum, sweep or dust my floors. This Roomba keeps every floor surface on our first floor spotless. We have dark carpet in our living room which shows every speck of dust and every little bit of anything. Since getting the I-Robot Roomba the carpet has a just vacuumed look at all times. We have dark vinyl tile which looks like slate in our bar, kitchen, entryway and half-bath, these floors also look terrific. No more crumbs under the table or beneath the cupboards this vacuum gets them all. The hardwood floor in the family room is also spic and span right down to the spaces between the floorboards.

The I-Robot Roomba is an approximately 12" circular vacuum which you can program to automatically vacuum once per day. We have ours set for 7 pm because we are usually finished with dinner and it can clean to its hearts content. It takes approximately l hour for it to clean the entire first floor of our 2, 400 square foot house, when it is finished it returns to its docking station and recharges itself. I was worried at first that it wouldn't have enough suction or wouldn't be able to get around the edges of the room or close to the base of the cabinets. I worried needlessly because the I-Robot Roomba has a wheel with little brooms that feed dust, dirt, etc into the vacuum so that they are picked up. It has two counter-rotating brushes and a powerful vacuum that allows it to get deep into carpet to pick up dirt, dust and pet hair. Speaking of pet hair, my cat, Trinity was frightened of the I-Robot Roomba at first, but now sits on the stairs and watches it clean.

The I-Robot Roomba also came with two lighthouse modules that are operated on 2 c-cell batteries, which are not included. These are used when you want the Roomba contained to a specific room or area. The modules contain a laser beam which acts as a barrier so that you can Roomba tell Roomba where you want it to go next or confine it to one room. The I-Robot Roomba is only about 3" tall so it can clean under beds and some furniture. No need to worry about it falling down stairs as it automatically senses and avoids stairs and drop-offs.

The only problem we had with the Roomba was when it encountered cords in our family room where all of our media is located. Roomba doesn't like cords but is smart enough to disentangle itself when encounters one. We have since moved all the cords further behind the entertainment center and have not had a problem since. No need to worry about tassels or carpet fringe either as Roomba won't get stuck on these.

The I-Robot Roomba has a patented cleaning system, an edge cleaning capability and a self-adjusting cleaning head. To schedule it to clean is as easy as pie, you just use the onboard scheduling system located on top of the vacuum. It will clean up to four rooms in a single cleaning cycle. It plugs into a regular wall socket and the charging station is a half-circle which allows the I-Robot Roomba to dock itself after its cleaning cycle.

The I-Robot Roomba comes with a l-year limited warranty.