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My Newspaper Is Shrinking

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sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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I live in a small town in Northwest Florida, and even though our paper could never compete with "big city" news, it has definitely gotten worse. Recently, instead of printing the paper in our city, they moved it to a city about an hour and a half away. I suppose this was due to financial concerns, but it has definitely affected the quality and the quantity of news that our paper currently offers.

Just today, they wrote an announcement on the front page that the size of the paper was changing. It now has only an A and B section. They claim that the decreased size is due to the economic downturn. (If it gets much smaller, we'll need a magnifying glass.)

My husband says that with the printing being done in another town, the press time is too early to include scores from games the night before. Previously, our paper was able to include that information.

So here we are, in a military beach town, with quite a bit of news, and not a lot of reporting. Still, it's our paper, and I enjoy it. My favorite feature is "Spout Off" where the locals give their opinion about the latest breaking news developments. Of course, we have all the usual features such as Classifieds, Comics, Editorials, Obituaries, Entertainment, Sports, etc.

I guess as small town papers go, it's about average. I grew up in Atlanta, and was used to the Atlanta Journal, and the Atlanta Constitution, which are considerably larger papers.

But I would really miss the Northwest Florida Daily News if it was no longer being published. Everyone enjoys local news, as well as national news. We can get national news from TV, and computers, but since our town does not have a local TV station, the only place to get local news is from the radio or newspaper. I just hope it doesn't shrink anymore!