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My Oh My, What An Addicting Game!

Reviewing: Last Day Of Work Virtual Villagers  |  Rating:
Tracy Hall By Tracy Hall on
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All I can say is wow! This game consumes people! It's such a simple game yet I can't seem to get away from it! It has so many challenges and puzzles to unlock it's literally HOURS of fun. Ha! Hours! Let me try days or maybe even weeks of never-ending fun trying to solve the mystery's of Isola! Here's the setting.. A few lost villagers; One berry bush; A dirty beach; And one very confused mind. With 16 puzzles to complete, level ups, and technology advances you won't ever get bored playing this addicting game.

You can reproduce, set jobs for your villagers, and unravel the mystery hidden in the island of Isola every, hour, minute, and second you play. When you log on, you are likely to get a surprise that has usually washed up on the beach. These surprises can either help your tribe, or destroy it. Yes, it can get a bit irritating at times, but that is all about the fun of solving the many mystery's of the island! The game runs in real-time so they continue to work and get surprises while you aren't online. As your villagers work they gain more experience and can do more difficult jobs, as well as that, do them faster. Some puzzles require that the villager trying to finish that particular task have the " tech status" to do it. If they do not then looks like you have some work to do. :D

Taken from my opinion, I absolutely love this game! I can't stop playing it sometimes. I get wrapped up into the puzzles that are needed to unlock progress in the game and to keep your villagers alive. I can play for hours and never get bored unlocking all kinds of fun things and areas on the island of Isola to explore. This game is ideal for keeps those hyper kids involved and occupied in a time-consuming activity, it could give you a break from them as well. My little sister just adores this interactive, time management game. It has actually helped her become more aware about how to figure things out at such the young age of seven years old.

With hours of extended fun, this game can cure any case of boredom while giving you a problem solving attitude at the same time. I would absolutely refer this game to a friend or family member and would not regret doing it one bit. I give it four point eight out of five stars. :)