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My Pantyliner Of Choice

Reviewing: Unitrade Charmee Pantyliners  |  Rating:
poshpost By poshpost on
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I use pantyliners not for everyday freshness but to stop menstrual flow. Yup, sometimes, when my period comes in trickles, I only use pantyliners because it is really a waste of sanitary pads. Not to mention being uncomfortable, they are more expensive.

Charmee pantyliners are cheap. Dirt cheap. For a pack of 30pcs, it costs 25 cents--it is not even a cent apiece. So no matter how many times I change in a day, which is mostly 3, at most 5, it is still very good. I sometimes have to use it before the stronger flow of the menstrual period or after, when the last vestiges of blood are shedding.

This product is quite thin, so it does not absorb much fluid. It is not surprising though because it was not made that way. But the good thing is, the base is made of plastic, as opposed to those breathable pantyliners, they catch whatever blood that I excrete. That is the most important part, so that I don't get stains on my underwear.

These pantyliners though are not individually wrapped, so I bring the whole pack when I go out. I guess that if it is individually wrapped, it will be more expensive, so I am happy the way it is. It is really no problem for me because the pack is small and light, after all, each pad is so thin.