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My Perfect Pantech

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Karen Kramer By Karen Kramer on
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I have to say it wasn't love at first site, but none the less it is love. My perfect little Pantech has totally won me over. With it's slick candy bar design and generous screen size and loaded features, how could I resist.

When I was finally able to rid myself of my ex-phone, the hated Motorola, I was more than a little concerned about starting a new relationship. After all, I had been deeply hurt and disappointed with Moto, starting over with something new would be a big step. Because of my new found fear of commitment, I choose to stick with a pre-paid plan. No long term commitments for me, I would never be stuck in a bad relationship again.

I live in an area of limited choices. Living in a big city you have lots of options, but here in the rural areas, pickins can be slim. My first priority was reception and reliability...would my new love be there when I needed him? I tried many plans and models but found Cingular to be the strongest contender for my area. They were known for their reliability.

When I entered the AT&T Cingular store, I was immediately disappointed. The choices for pre-paid phones were pathetic. Can we say UGLY? No features, clunky and poor quality. I left feeling hopeless. Would I ever find my cell phone soul mate?

As a last ditch effort, I decided to try going to the AT&T website. That's were I found my perfect little Pantech. What a joy! With features like a Camera, Instant Messaging, web capabilities, beautiful full color screen, downloadable graphics, games and ringtones and sleek cool design, Pantech was winning me over. A few clicks of the mouse and he was heading toward my house.

It's been a few months now, and my love of my Pantech is growing stronger each day. Maybe some day I'll be ready to commit to a contract but for now I'm willing to buy my minutes 100 at a time.