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Reviewing: Samsung Rant  |  Rating:
By benjamillion on
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The Samsung Rant is a pretty good phone, but it doesn't have any extra features (that you don't have to pay out of the nose for), and even those aren't very good. the internet on the phone can cut out from time to time, and it can barely do videos. When I try to play anything longer than two minutes, it takes just as long to load and pauses mid-video to load some more.

The tabs you can have aren't very interactive, and the weather app you can use doesn't update itself very much. I can say that it has been through a lot, and still works almost as well as it did the day that I got it. it can take a beating, and a lot of wear and tear but still stay relatively the same.

I have heard about other people having an issue with the buttons wearing off on the QWERTY keyboard, but in all honesty, after two years, the keyboard has minimal fading, and I can still see each letter more than clear enough to use. overall, it's a durable phone, but you wont want to keep it for too long. it's a great in-between phone if you lost a previous one.