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My Prada Sunglasses Can't Do The Job!

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mrsspy By mrsspy on
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The worst thing we, consumers, can do is to spend a lot of money for a product that cannot do the job for which it was intended. My husband bought me a pair of sunglasses when he went to Melbourne two years ago. I was so excited to see the case of this Prada sunglasses. I thought "wow, a designer glasses..this must be expensive." Of course they are expensive. Hubby paid $220Ausd for it which I wish he never spent (these glasses now cost $310Ausd).

These sunglasses has brown shade, a nice shape and really beautiful and elegant design. It was something I was really excited to try because I never used any other designer brand sunglasses except one brand that I always stick to. I thought it was time for a change.

To my disappointment, these glasses cannot even give shade to my eyes when I am under the sun. It seems like I am not wearing sunglasses at all! I noticed this when one afternoon I was driving to pick-up my daughter from the daycare. The sun was so strong and it was really blinding me, to the effect that I cannot see the cars infront and even the road. YES! I was wearing the Prada sunglasses! And it was useless. The sun was blinding me and that was no good especially that I was in the middle of the road driving. It was so dangerous. That was the time I realized how important sunglasses are, not only to protect our eyes, but to keep us safe and secure with our vision when driving.

This product is a big disappointment. I know that there are different type of shades. But comparing other brand of shades as dark as this one but of different brand, there is still a big, big difference. I have a cheap brand of UV protected sunglasses at home too with the same shade, but even that cheap brand is much better than this expensive brand.

My driving instructor before was complaining that I should not use this Prada sunglasses because it was too dark. I told him that it doesn't even give me enough shade to protect my eyes from sunlight. He can see how dark the shade was and surprised that I reckon that it was not even enough.

My conclusion of this product: It is only good for a fashion show.