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My Reptiles Love Them Can O Worms

Reviewing: Zoo Med's Can 'O Worms & Can 'O Superworms  |  Rating:
By crystaldyck on
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I am the owner of Kemah the Bearded Dragon and Tao the Mali Uromastyx. Both of my reptiles need a good source of protein in their diet. Sometimes they get live mealworms or crickets but so many times I've gone to the pet store only to find that they are out of any live foods at all. I started buying Zoo Med's Can 'O Worms & Superworms and both of my reptiles love them. I get the can open and they literally come over to eat the worms right out of my hand.

Last year, we were in Houston when Hurricane Ike hit. Of course, the pet store didn't have any live foods available for weeks so the Can 'O Worms was our life saver. They come in a well sealed container, have a little spoon to scoop them up with and I find that if I refridgerate the unused portions, they last for quite a while.

For people who enjoy reptiles and would like to keep them as pets, but can't stand the thought of feeding live bugs and worms, this is the ultimate solution. No wiggling or jiggling when you open the container!!

I like to feed my reptiles live but it can cost up to $4.99 for 25 superworms. With Can 'O Superworms, I'm paying the same price for 1.2 oz of worms. It really is an amazing deal and they are reptile approved in my home!